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Building Contractors in Oxford and the Surrounding Areas | The Benefits of New Build Properties

If you’re taking the first step on the property ladder, or planning to sell your current home and relocate within the county, have you considered opting for a new build property rather than an older one? There are many advantages to doing so, which our residential builders will discuss in this dedicated blog. For further information, or to make an appointment to talk with our building contractors at AM Building Services about having us construct your new build in Oxford or any of the surrounding areas we cover, please contact us on 07778 702089.

Why Choose Brand New?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying an older property, or opting for a new home with period features and plenty of history. The main thing you’ll have to be prepared for, however, is potential refurbishments and repairs. Although our building contractors at AM Building Services will be happy to take care of these for you, new build properties offer the following advantages:

  • You have a completely blank canvas upon which you can design your home

  • No retrofitting is required; all installations are installed from scratch

  • You can design the internal configurations, such as kitchen layouts

  • All installations, fixtures and fittings will be more suited to modern living

  • Smart technology is perfect for newly built homes in Oxford

  • Newer homes are more environmentally friendly and energy efficient

  • The purchasing procedure is much easier as you’re not in a chain

No Maintenance

Everything in a new property is fresh off the shelf. From the paintwork to the roofing system, electric installations to plumbing and heating, nothing has been used or abused. You don’t need to have the chimney swept before use, or the gutters cleaned before the weather turns. Every part of your new home in Oxford will be experiencing household living and seasonal changes for the first time.

First-Time Buyers’ Warranties

This is probably the best advantage of having our building contractors at AM Building Services construct your new home, along with the fact that we are proud members of the Federation of Master Builders. Newly built properties in England are covered by warranties which usually last 10 years. This protection covers structural defects throughout its lifetime. 

It also comes into effect from the moment you sign contracts; your deposit is covered should the local builders you hire go bust prior to or during construction. When your new home in Oxford is complete, the warranty splits. Defects will be covered for the first two years with the remaining time allocated to structural issues.

New appliances and other installations fitted by our team of domestic builders at AM Building Services will probably have their own warranties as well so make sure you keep all your paperwork.

With AM Building Services, you can expect:

  • A team of friendly local builders

  • Dedicated domestic builders

  • Residential builders with years of experience

Call our building contractors today on 07778 702089 and find out more about our new build services in Oxford and the surrounding areas.