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Building Contractors in Oxford | How to Survive Property Renovations at Your Home if You're Living on Site

It’s not so difficult living on site when minor property refurbishments are being carried out, but what about major property renovations, such as property extensions? Do you think you could survive living at your Oxford property whilst serious reworks are going on around you? It may not be feasible to leave your home or premises during the time your building contractors are on site, so you will need to make do.

Experts in all aspects of property conversions, extensions, refurbishments and renovations – as our testimonials will show – AM Building Services’ team of qualified and experienced builders have the following solutions which may help you get through the harder days:

  • Don’t Get Over-Stressed

  • Create a Sacred Place

  • Take a Well-Earned Break

  • Talk to Our Building Contractors

Keep Calm

It may seem obvious but it’s essential you remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the works will be completed eventually. We aim to finish on time, every time, with minimal disruption to your household.

For property extensions, the majority of works are carried out away from the main household areas with the exception being the knocking down of exterior walls to merge the two areas. Property conversions occur behind closed doors for the most part. But property refurbishments may result in your kitchen or bathroom being out of bounds for a few days, and property renovations might have our building contractors rearranging the entire interior of your Oxford home or premises.

Create Quiet Zones

If your property is undergoing a serious restructure, it will seem like mayhem is lurking around every corner. As walls are removed or inserted, furniture stacked up, and your personal belongings packed away, your property will feel quite alien for some time. Designate one of the bedrooms a family quiet zone where you can close the door and relax surrounded by normality for a while. This will allow you to recharge your batteries.

If our building contractors at AM Building Services are carrying out renovations at a commercial premises, the upheaval will affect you and your staff. Again, try to create a peaceful area where everyone can relax for a while throughout the day. In saying that, we work as neatly as possible, and are always considerate about how our work affects others.

For some this may have to be the garden shed. It doesn’t matter where it is, just make sure you can sit in relative peace away from the dust and disorganisation. And, most importantly, make sure you have the kettle close by.

Take a Break

Any form of property conversions or property extensions are costly so we advise designating part of your budget for a weekend away from your Oxford home. Not only does remove you and your family from the building works for a while, it will greatly benefit your mental wellbeing and restore your positive outlook.

We Can Help

AM Building Services understands the upheaval property refurbishments and home improvements can cause but, with our director overseeing and project managing every contract, you can rest assured we’ll make our renowned property renovations as painless as possible.

Talk to our building contractors today about our property renovations in Oxford and the surrounding areas by calling us on 07778 702089.