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Property Renovations in Oxford and the Surrounding Areas | These Signs Prove You Need to Consider Renovating Your Home

There are several reasons why you may decide to renovate your Oxford home. These range from a lack of space to general boredom with the current design and layout. But what if your property begins to show signs that refurbishments or property renovations are urgently needed? Should you seek expert advice or tackle the issue yourself? 

Minor building repairs to any home tend to be straightforward and easy to carry out. But structural issues and major property renovations are a different matter entirely. If your home is trying to tell you something, or you are experiencing any of the issues listed in this blog, contact us at AM Building Services immediately and let us help. We offer structural alterations and much more.

What to Look Out For

Pay attention to each of the following issues as they may be signs you need to consider:

  • Kitchens and Bathrooms

  • Outdated Features and Interiors

  • Lack of Space Where It’s Needed

  • Floors, Ceilings, and Walls

One of the most frequently used household areas, it’s vital you have a kitchen that works for you. Cluttered worktops, lack of storage, and badly fitted appliances will have you running from the kitchen rather than spending any amount of time in it. As part of our property renovations in Oxford, we can totally transform your kitchen into a larger and more user-friendly area with our tactful layout alterations.

Perhaps you’re too embarrassed by your outdated bathroom to invite anyone over? Maybe you desperately need additional toilet and shower facilities elsewhere in the home to simplify home life? If that’s the case, our building contractors at AM Building Services can redesign your interior space to include en-suite bathrooms and downstairs cloakrooms.

Floors, Ceilings, and Walls

These can tell a different story. Failing floorboards could be a sign of woodworm and, if ignored, may break apart. If you can feel a dip underneath you when you walk over certain parts of the floor, check out what’s happening underneath the carpet or covering. 

Discolouration on the ceilings and walls might also be signs of water ingress and damp issues. It’s essential you don’t ignore these signs as they could lead to the spread of black mould if left alone. Not only is this unsightly, it can cause severe respiratory problems for you and your family.

External Signs

Don’t ignore the outside of your Oxford home either. If you spot crumbling mortar between the brickwork, gaps around the windows and doors, or discolouration on the walls, then get in touch with our building contractors at AM Building Services. The roofing system is another vital part of your property as it offers additional support to the external walls and protects the interior. Should you spot any signs of sagging then the trusses might be showing signs of wear and tear. If this is the case, failure to address the issue may result in major property renovations and costly structural repairs.

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